Impact force, what does it depend on?

  • 12 August 2020
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Force is mass times acceleration. Hence, it is obvious that both the speed of the strike and the muscle mass that follows it are important for the development of strength. But how to develop these qualities and deliver a hard knockout blow will be explained in this article.

What determines the power of a blow?

For a blow to be strong, it is necessary not only to develop muscle strength, but also to know and be able to apply the technique of striking. A powerful hard blow appears only when the whole body weight is involved, and not just the arms. This is possible due to the transfer of body weight from the supporting leg to the front leg, and the correct execution of the pelvic turn, through which the impulse from the legs is transmitted to the arm. To deliver such a blow, you need to observe some of the details regarding the movement of your feet.

  • The feet should be slightly farther than the width of shoulders.
  • Rotation of the foot occurs in the direction of movement, which is dictated by the hands, while the heel always comes off first.
  • When a blow is delivered with the right hand, the left leg does not move, and the heel of the right feet rises, and vice versa.

The correct position of the legs allows for much stronger and precise hits, but this is not the only detail that should be considered. Here are some important points that affect the force of the blow:

  • Knees should be slightly bent, transferring body weight forwards.
  • When hitting, the hips should turn in the direction of the opponent.
  • When hitting, the fist should be compressed as tightly as possible, and turned by the striking surface towards the target.

These requirements should not be fulfilled alternately, but simultaneously. This means that placing the correct blow is no easy task, and requires the help of an experienced coach.

Development of impact force

A powerful blow with the hands largely depends on the development of the triceps, back, and shoulder muscles. These muscle groups play an important role in increasing punching force, and their potential can be developed through the following exercises:

  1. Wide grip pull-up. To increase efficiency, a weight is suspended on the belt. Between 3 and 4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each are performed.
  2. Close-grip push ups. Hands are located as close to each other as possible, and push ups are performed until the chest touches the wrists. This exercise trains the triceps, pectoral, and vertebral muscles. To strengthen your hands, it is better to do push-ups on your fists.
  3. Push-ups on the bench. This exercise is performed with an upper grip, with your back facing the bench. The pelvis slowly drops down, almost touching the floor, after which the arms are fully extended. The legs remain straight all the time.
  4. Exercise with a kettlebell. The legs are separated, and the kettlebell is held between the legs in a straight manner, and the legs are slightly bent at the knee joint. With a sharp movement, the weight rises forward, so a right angle is formed. It is important that the back remains straight when raising the arm 90-degrees. Up to 8 repetitions are performed on each hand.
  5. Kettlebell push. This exercise is similar to the previous one, but in this case, the hand with the kettlebell does not straighten forward, but rises sharply after placing the weight on the shoulder. In this exercise, the leg jerk plays a special role, as without it the entire load would fall only on the muscles of the arm and the shoulder girdle.

All techniques for the development of punching power require regularity and adherence to the execution technique, which can be trained under the supervision of an experienced coach. He will not only show you how to correctly perform the different exercises, but will also correct mistakes in a timely manner and make sure that you work with the correct weights.

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