Wrestling on the ground

  • 12 August 2020
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The ability to work on the ground is a must for a wrestler of any style, such as an athlete practicing jiu-jitsu, grappling or MMA. The goal of wrestling on the ground is to catch the opponent with a painful or choking hold, keep him on his shoulder blades, and make him surrender. Having a good physical shape and muscle strength is not enough to win on the ground. You also need to learn the technique of wrestling, and be able to defend against opponent’s attacks. This article will explain how to learn to wrestle on the ground.

Ground wrestling training

To work effectively on the ground, a wrestler must have good physical training. The right exercises will help to develop strength, speed, agility, and endurance. He must learn a set of different holds, shakes, lifts and throws in order to overcome the opponent’s resistance when fighting on the ground. When two opponents have the same level, usually the fighting strategy is what decides the outcome of the contents. In other words, the winner is the one who better distributes the forces in the fight, and takes advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses. Therefore, wrestling is the development not only of physical qualities, but also mental abilities. Regular training under the guidance of an experienced coach will gradually increase your athletic level and lead to tangible success.

Each wrestling workout begins with a warm-up that prepares the muscles, ligaments and joints for further physical activity. Exercises with varying degrees of difficulty are performed depending on the stage at which the athlete is. For wrestlers, dexterity and coordination exercises are especially important. At first they are simple forward and backward flips, which later evolve into complex acrobatic figures. For example, a roll over the head or a flip flap. During warm-up special attention is put in performing exercises to warm up and strengthen the muscles of the neck.

Ground wrestling training is based on basic techniques for catching and holding the opponent, as well as carrying out various exercises for developing and improving technical and tactical skills until they become fully automated. Towards the end of the workout, the intensity of the exercises decreases, and all work is aimed at relaxing and stretching the muscles to restore them.

Exercises to improve ground wrestling

A good wrestler must possess the most diverse arsenal of grabs, throws, as well as painful and suffocating techniques for fighting on the ground. But during the initial stages of training, it is important to learn the basic techniques that will allow you to move and wrestle correctly on the ground. Professional or serious wrestlers often supplement core training with strength training, crossfit, or endurance training such as running.

If the athlete lacks sufficient strength, the program includes olympic-style strength exercises based on maximum and sub-maximum loads. They include squats, split squats, side squats, lunges, squat jumping, and other exercises performed with weights.

Wrestlers need both strength and endurance training, which involves performing a variety of bodyweight, weights, and machine exercises at maximum speed and with short rest periods. Such training allows the athlete to withstand high loads and maintain his strength during the match.

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