Strength training at the Fight Academy

  • 12 August 2020
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When starting out at the gym, many people mistakenly believe that strength training is the only thing needed to build muscle. This misconception is especially popular among women, who for fear of the appearance of massive muscles, choose only fitness or cardio workouts without weights. In fact, everything is a little different. Why strength training is needed, and what it gives, will be discussed in this article.

Why Perform Strength Training?

A well-designed strength training routine works out the muscles of your entire body. Exercises are performed with their own weight. This means that it can be made without weight at all, or with dumbbells or barbells, as well as on machines aimed at different muscle groups. Strength training exercises are periodic in nature. This means that a certain period of work alternates with periods of rest.

Strength training is needed for different purposes:

  • As part of general fitness training
  • To increase muscle mass
  • To get rid of excess weight
  • To increase strength and endurance

There are different types of gym workouts and many exercises for specific muscle groups, which can be simple or difficult. Nevertheless, it is important to select them carefully depending on the level of physical fitness, and monitor the correct execution technique, because the effectiveness of the training program depends on this.

Basic Strength Training

The set of strength exercises in a general training program can be different depending on what you want to achieve. The most popular and effective strength training types are:

  1. Bodyweight circuit training. It includes push-ups and pull-ups without weights, squats and groups of lunges without long pauses. During the first workout, 3-4 repetitions are performed, and this number progressively increases.
  2. Work with weights. Exercises for all muscle groups in a circuit training are performed using dumbbells, as well as weights on the leg or on a belt.
  3. Working with a partner. This type of strength training is aimed, first of all, at overcoming the physical resistance of the partner’s weight, and developing the explosive strength of the muscles.
  4. Training with weights. You can do it with any kind of sports equipment, both with its own weight or with external weights. For muscle training, it is possible to use a horizontal bar or parallel bars.

At the end of the workout, stretching exercises are required to help restore and relax muscles after the session.

Benefits of Regular Strength Training

Strength training not only helps to build muscle mass, but it also has many other benefits that many people simply don’t know about. Some benefits of proper strength training are:

  1. Loss of excess weight. The increase in muscle mass contributes greatly to the elimination of adipose tissue, and this is because every additional kilogram of muscle tissue causes an increase in metabolic rate of 15-20%, which is extremely beneficial for weight loss. Regular strength training is just as effective as cardio, and helps maintain a consistent muscle mass.
  2. Increased muscle strength and endurance. Systematic training in the gym gives a noticeable increase in muscle strength and endurance.
  3. Strengthening the cardiovascular system. Systematic and adequate strength training helps to strengthen the heart muscle while protecting it from daily stress. However, strength training is not recommended for people with pre-existing heart conditions.
  4. Improving overall well-being. Strength training increases the production of endorphins (“the hormone of happiness”), so active people who play sports are in general happier every day.
  5. Reduced risk of injury. Strength training strengthens not only muscles, but also bones, ligaments and joints, which reduces the risk of injury during sports. With age, a person loses about 1% of bone density and muscle mass. Strength training stops this process and also helps to minimize the risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis. In addition, due to systematic and increasing loading, the ligaments become stronger and more flexible, due to which the entire motor system functions better.

The advantages of strength training appear only with a good approach to each session. It is even better when exercising under the supervision of an experienced trainer, who will help you to learn the exercise techniques correctly, choose the proper weights and create a training program.

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